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Benefits of Spray Foam

Eco Friendly

Spray foam is the most environmentally responsible insulation on the planet!

Spray foam is the only type of insulation that can dramatically contribute to reducing your home's carbon footprint, and conserving energy in your home is conserving our earth.

Demilec offers two lines of spray foam made from renewable materials, Heatlok Soy is soy based product and Agribalance is a vegetable based product.

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Spray foam insulation dramatically reduces energy costs by reducing the flow of air through the walls, ceiling and floor of the home. By reaching every crack and crevice spray foam creates an air barrier drastically reducing the costs of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. According to the US Department of Energy studies show 40% of energy loss is a result of air ebb and flow through your structure.

Spray foam insulation conserves energy and saves you money!

You can expect up to a 30% to 50% energy savings by insulating your home with spray foam; no other insulation product can offer this savings.

Insulate Existing Homes

With an infrared camera we can now inject foam insulation in existing walls with minimal disturbance.


Due to the effective air barrier, spray foam allows for complete control over interior air quality. It locks out air pollutants, dust and pollens and prevents dangerous mold growth providing a healthy environment for your family.

Air tight seal - no dust!


The air barrier that spray foam creates stops moisture from penetrating into the wall cavities therefore it prevents moisture from building up in the wall spaces which provides a breeding ground for mold to grow. Also, spray foam has no food value for mold to grow and will not support mold spores.

By sealing your home with spray foam you will also seal out those unwanted pests like insects and rodents.


Spray foam drastically reduces noise irritants--from the outside it will help block out noise caused by traffic, neighbors, pets, and air traffic, for the interior of your home it creates a noise barrier between floors, stair wells, utility rooms, and bathrooms.

Spray foam is also a perfect solution for controlling the noise output from home theaters or music studios.

Strong and Durable

Spray foam will not settle--unlike other insulation options spray foam will stay where it is applied preventing any hot or cold areas in your wall cavity to form. Spray foam is permanent application, if applied correctly, it will not deteriorate over time.

High density, rigid, closed cell foam will increase the sheer strength of a building structure because it adheres fully to the exterior sub structure and stud cavities.

This added strength in your home will reduce wall movement due to powerful winds and vibrations--ultimately protecting your home and your family.

Pays for Itself

Up to 50% reduction in heating and cooling costs!


Conserving energy is only part of how spray foam insulation can save you money. There are several tax incentive programs offered when upgrading your home with environmentally responsible products including spray foam insulation. Visit the following links to learn more about the savings and rebates available to you.


With our state-of-the art, mobile, self-contained insulation equipment, we are able to travel anywhere in the Southwest.

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